Female haircut

EditorialFemale haircut in our salons is a complex service.

It is done by some of the best specialists in the industry.

Our hairdressers are trained throughout the year on the most up-to-date trends and working methods.

The service includes massage washing, where customers are housed in luxurious wash chairs with back massage features. We have a special attitude towards the care and maintenance of your hair. For your hair to be healthy, beautiful and glamorous, you are serviced with the most luxurious therapies and rituals.

Styling and shaping after trimming with a hairdryer, diffuser or press, we conform to your desire and style. Our stylists will recommend proper care for home use – shampoos, conditioners, masks, ampoules, and the best styling products – Lacquer, shine, gels, wax, soaps, lotions.

In Arlet Stars you can find the best hair products from the most elite brands – Loreal Expert, Kerastase, Label M, Goldwell, Lakme etc.

All of the above while drinking a cup of aromatic coffee, tea or boutique wine, go through your favorite magazines and have conversation with good friends.

You are always welcome!