Male haircut

The mail haircut at Аrlet Stars is a ritual.

Men Cut & ColourIt is done by highly trained experienced professionals who have gone through specialized courses and training for male hairstyle and styling.

Includes two massage washes for whitch customers are housed in luxurious wash chairs with back massage features.

This gives an extra sense of complete relaxation and makes each customer our special guest.

On top of all our stylists will recommend proper care for home use – shampoos, conditioners, masks, ampoules, and the best styling products – gels, waxes, foams, lotions.

At Arlet Stars you can find the best hair products from the most elite brands – Loreal Expert, Kerastase, Label M, Goldwell, Lakme, etc.

All of the above while drinking a cup of aromatic coffee, tea or boutique wine, go through your favorite magazines and have conversation with good friends.

You are always welcome!