This course contains three levels. Each level is two months long, every work day for four hours.
The course is individual and is tailored to your personal schedule.
You can start at any convenient time, as well as take more hours within the day, shortening the duration of the course.
Learn the profession in a working environment where you have the opportunity to track all the processes in the salon.
Practice is the most important thing for us!

Price for one level – 950 lv.
Price for the full course (3 levels) – 2850 lv.
You may pay in three equal installments.
When paying the three levels at once, you get a discount from 450 lv. (150 lv. per level) and the total price for the course equals 2400 lv..
You can pay in cash, bank transfer or credit card.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate.
After successfull graduation, we can recommend you to renowned salons, or offer you to become part of the Arlet Stars team

Telephones for information: 02/981 27 28, 0879/ 886 260